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PMI-ACP Practice Test 01 - Review

 7.      You are mid-way through your third 2-week iteration.  Due to changing business conditions, the clients have started requesting changes many times a day.  This has thrown you and your team off balance.  What could you do to tame this confusion and still provide value to your clients?

(A)      Post all requests that come in for discussion until the next iteration planning
(B)      Accept those changes that are high priority and work it in along with your current iteration
(C)      Cancel the current iteration and work on a new iteration incorporating the requested changes
(D)      Reduce your 2-week iteration to a 2-day iteration

Answer D


Why (D): By reducing the iteration cycle, priorities can be much more dynamically handled without losing out anything.  This is the best possible solution
Why NOT (A): Clients can’t wait that long
Why NOT (B): “Along with current iteration” implies we are taking on more work than committed, which is not possible to accomplish
Why NOT (C): Drastic measure, which doesn’t account for priorities in the current iteration


 The Art of Agile Development - James Shore & Shane Warden, page 242

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