PMI-ACP Practice Test 01 - Review

  1. Which one among the following is correct about user stories?

(A)      The detailed information about user needs is documented as user stories
(B)      They play the role of an implied contractual agreement between customers and developers
(C)      They indicate functional specifications that must be coded in software for the product to be of any value to the customer
(D)      They are promises to converse rather than detailed specifications, have value to users, are independent, are testable and are appropriately sized

Answer D


Why (D): This is the definition of user stories
Why NOT (A): This is not true, since they are at a very high level and at a level of what users would do with the system
Why NOT (B): It is not a contractual document, implied or otherwise
Why NOT (C): They may not necessarily go into functional specifications


 User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development, Mike Cohn, chap 2

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