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PMI-ACP Practice Test 01 - Review

10.  “Project risk is highest at the beginning of a project”.  In asserting this statement, which one of the following actually contradicts it through its practices?

(A)      Traditional project management
(B)      Iterative methods
(C)      Agile
(D)      XP

Answer A


Why (A): In traditional project management, the entire plan is created upfront.  But since they also assert that risk is high initially, what happens when a risk occurs?  Do re-planning again?  So if nothing can be fixed upfront, why spend enormous time and effort to do an entire plan upfront?  That is the irony of the statement and its practice.
Why NOT (B), Why NOT (C), Why NOT (D): In all these methods planning is done for what is required and known, with the implicit understanding that change can occur anytime and hence requiring revisiting the plan.


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