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PMI-ACP Practice Test 01 - Review

  1. Traditional criteria for project success include meeting time, budget and specifications.  From a project management perspective, a project meeting these criteria may be considered a success, but may still fail in the end.  Which of these may be a good reason?

(A)      They fail to appeal to the intended users
(B)      They fail to add much value to the business
(C)      Project management success does not translate to business success
(D)      They fail to satisfy the customers needs


Answer B


Why (B): Without value, a project cannot be considered a success even if we consider that it came on schedule, within scope and budget
Why NOT (A): Project success cannot be determined by individual likes / dislikes
Why NOT (C): The issue here is not about project management success
Why NOT (D): It is possible that even though the customer is satisfied, the project may fail to add value to the business. 



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