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(1)   User Login related

1-1.   System is not letting me see my product even after logging in.  Why?  OR
          I just purchased a product and system says "Guests cannot access". Help!
Your browser stores information locally (in cache) and this needs to be cleared out.  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Logout of the website and close the browser
  2. Start the browser, and visit http://www.ProplanX.com
  3. Login.   Now your access should be restored.  

Remember:  Always logout and close the browser.

1-2.   Why do I have to login?
Logging in to the system provides you with many advantages, including (a) keeping track of the work, (b) obtaining a certificate, (c) practicing mock tests, amongst other benefits.


1-3.   I registered as a user, but did not enter my full name (First name + Last name) while registering
When you login for the first time, the system presents a "User Profile" update screen. 
Enter your name completely, as the system uses this information while printing your course certificate

1-4.   Each time I login, I am presented with a "User Profile" update page.  What should I do?
Just enter your First Name + Last Name in the "Full Name" box.  For example:   "John Doe"

1-5.   I seem to have an issue with the website.  Pages don't appear / load properly.
Change to an alternate browser or update the browser and try again.  This site should work with any modern web browser, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.


(2)   Course related

2-1.  Why am I unable to see / work the Quiz?
Users must be logged in before the system can provide access to the quiz. Login and try again.

2-2.  I need to provide suggestions / comments / praise for the products.  How do I reach?
Visit the Contact us page and email / phone us.  Be sure to provide details about the product, your comments and your contact information for us to reach you.


(3)   Continuing Education

3-1.  Are the educational products & courses helpful for me in getting a continuing education for re-certification?
Since each certification has its own specific requirements, please check with your organization if the products & courses available here satisfy the criteria.  In general, as a professional, you can claim credits provided you can demonstrate how it has directly helped you in your profession and also by ensuring that you have met all the course requirements.

3-2.  By what other names are Continuing Education Credits called as?
Continuing Education credits are also called alternately by the following names:

  • Professional Development Unit (PDU) for PMI® PMP®, PMI-ACP®, IEEE® CSDP® re-certifications
  • Continuing Development Unit (CDU) for IIBA® CBAP® re-certification
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for QAI® CSQA, CSTE re-certifications
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU) for ASQ re-certifications
    And by other equivalent terms


(4)   Policies

4-1.  Do you have a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
Yes, we do.  Please check it out here - Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy


(5)   Accreditation

5-1.   Are you a Registered Education Provider (REP) / Certified Provider (CeP)?
An educational institution is not required to be a REP / CeP to provide credits for its courses.  We, at ProplanX, ensure that all our products are created with very high standards.

5-2.  Will my organization accept the credits you provide?
Since the requirements of each organization varies, please check with your organization for their credit policies.  We make every effort to comply to the industry standards to enable global acceptance of our products.


(6)   Miscellaneous

6-1.  My questions are not answered here.  What should I do?
Please Contact us, and provide specific details on your queries.  Don't forget to include your email and contact information for us to reach you.

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