Simplicity can be defined as:

  • The absence of complication while addressing the underlying issue on hand.
  • The property of a domain which requires very little information to be exhaustively described.
  • A means to achieve maximum effect with minimum means.

In my opinion you are a saint if you tell me you are not a bit stressed.

Positive stress is actually good; it is the negative stress that is the problem.  Excessive stress is a guaranteed ticket to ill-health, and in extreme cases, even death.

Positive stress can help in:

  • Motivating a person
  • Facilitating hard work
  • Feeling of contentment for goals accomplished
  • Placing the environment in a positive mood - people and organizations that you interact with are left happy.

But what happens when you are negatively stressed? I am sure you do pass it around, without even knowing it! 

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