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Why Pay-As-You-Wish

This is a concept where you as a customer determine the value of the goods and services you have used.   

Why this concept?

  • Every one (across the globe) must have an equal opportunity to quality education.
  • Each individual decides what is something worth to them in their life.
  • One price doesn't fit all.  The size of each individual's pocket is different.
  • Support the education needs of those in need (such as the unemployed / deserving candidates)
  • Sometimes, everything can't be measured monetarily (see Additional ways you can help below).
  • We would like to be your long term partner in education.

Education cannot be free and it has a right price - the one that you determine it is worth to you, both in the short and the long term.  
We hope that you appreciate that we are a business that needs to survive as well.


Pricing Model

ProplanX products and services fall under the following four different pricing types. 
This is to ensure that you have the maximum freedom and choice in determining how we serve you.

#Pricing TypeDetailsWhere applicable?


  • You don't pay any money!
  • In return, we expect you to support us in additional ways
  • Online products (typically promotions)


  • Completely left to the customer to determine how much to pay
  • No minimum amount expected
  • Payment made after using the product / service!
  • Instructor led trainings, both class room and online
  • ProplanX products


Suggested Pricing
  • Provides pricing guidance for similar products in the market
  • No minimum amount expected
  • Premium payers obtain premium service
  • Online products - both ProplanX and 3rd party


Suggested Minimum
  • Minimum amount the system will accept
  • You are welcome to pay more as well
  • Premium payers obtain premium service
  • Online products - both ProplanX and 3rd party
Write to us if you need a different pricing model.  Terms of Service applies in all cases


Additional ways you may help contribute

Did you benefit from ProplanX?  We sure hope you did!
To provide you even more benefits in the future, we ask of you to engage with ProplanX in as many of these ways as possible. 
Our promise is to provide benefit to Professionals just like you!

  • Donate / PAY what you can for the services you used (and as often as you like)
  • Refer ProplanX to your friends and colleagues
  • Recommend ProplanX to your Company’s Training / Human Resources Department
  • Write the benefits you gained from ProplanX on social media, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Volunteer with ProplanX to help review articles, conduct seminars, etc.
  • Use and buy our Products and Services:
    • Training
    • Consulting
    • Continuing Education, such as PMI PDUs
  • Get involved with ProplanX Professional Network
  • Join our Social and Professional network on
  • Share your professional knowledge with others by authoring articles and (web) publishing it at ProplanX
  • Be a volunteer presenter at our speaking engagements
  • Help us obtain sponsorships and advertisements
  • Tell us other ways in which you can contribute

If you would like to provide your feedback / suggestions / inputs, please contact us.


ProplanX Team

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